Guaranteed 10% yield income

Sourced BMV (Below Market Value) property

Upto 50% share of equity growth

Sole investor on each property

Invest from as little as £10,000

*terms and conditions apply

About Us

We specialise in sourcing high-income producing, buy-to let property investments in major cities across the UK.  Using our extensive network of property agents, financial brokers and property professionals, we are able to negotiate and procure below market value properties which net high rental yields.

At Stonehart we provide a bespoke service to each individual investor, tailored to provide you with the best deal.  

We guarantee you an income of 10% per annum on your investment.  Furthermore, your investment will provide you a share of the potential equity growth.  Investors are able to receive upto 50% share of equity growth.  Bearing in mind that potentially, on completion, a BMV deal can have upto 20% equity.

we are not a property investment club so do not have more than one investor per property.  Your investment will solely be invested on an individual property.  

What Stonehart offers investors:

Property Deals

As a group of experienced property investors backed by a solid core knowledgable team, we source heavily discounted, high income producing investments that are low risk.

Due Diligence

With the experience of our team, we have a very clear and detailed due diligence process that we carry out on every single property deal.  This ensures that our investors continue to be provided with safe and secure investments that yield continued profit over both the short and long term. 

Legal Team

Solicitors play a key role in the acquisition of our properties and registration of our contracts and deeds of trust.  Our advisory team includes specialised conveyancing solicitors that have many years of experience in this type of property acquisition.

Finance Team

Our specialist mortgage brokers provide 'all of market' buy to let deals.  Choosing the right financial product plays a huge role in the strategy of our investments.  We have experienced chartered accountants that can provide assistance in any tax queries.  We will work with you to ensure you achieve your financial objectives.

Letting & Management

Letting & Management plays a crucial role in the success of buy to let properties.  We have an experienced team that fully manages the property ensuring the rent collection amd tenancies are mantained efficiently.  Many of our deals are already pre-tenanted, ensuring a return is gained from day one.

Building Maintanence

We have a dedicated building team to maintain all of our properties.  They ensure all repairs and refurbishments are done promptly and to a high standard.

Personal Service and Portfolio Builder

We understand every investor is different.  Some of our investors are very new to the buy to let market and require more of a hand-held personal service.  We pride ourselves on being able to tailor our service to meet individual needs.  Many of our investors are looking to build a well-balanced property portfolio that provides a combination of short term guaranteed income and a long term security with low risk and strong returns.  We can devise a detailed strategy that we monitor to ensure performance targets are achieved.  This entails understanding the amount of capital you are looking to invest and then carefully selecting different properties that work well together.

High Net Worth Investors

For those clients that are looking to invest upwards of £250,000 we would invite you to meet one of our Directors to discuss certain investment opportunites that suit your requirements.  

Our Teams


Sourcing & Negotiating

Property Team

Sourcing & Negotiating

The dedicated property team is constantly using their network to locate BMV property deals.  They negotiate the best price possible and ensure our target rental yields are achieved.


Conveyancing & Contracts

Legal Team

Conveyancing & Contracts

A dedicated team of conveyancing specialists. The team ensure timely completion dates and investor contractual agreements.


Mortgage & Accountants

Finance Team

Mortgage & Accountants

Our mortgage brokers have access to the full panel of lenders and can secure the best rate that is available.  We have experienced accountants that can provide help on any tax queries.



I called to just get more information on how my current savings could work more for me.  The advise was really good without any obligations to invest and no pushy sales team.  Highly recommended to deal with.


Although I wasn't ready yet to invest, the Stonehart team took time out to advise me through their process and even made some viewings available so I could get a first hand feel of investing in properties.


The process is really simple and Stonehart made sure I understood every step of the way.  I felt confident in the process.


Anyone can invest, it is that simple.  

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